December 2023 to March 2024 Rotation

Last Rite of Seafire

System D&D 5e

Game Master George

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Jason, Jon K, Mareen G, Saif B, Will L and William P

There’s always been a reputation for mystery surrounding the Utalan Archipelago. Far from the normal nautical trade routes and prone to hull-shattering storms these tropical islands are not well understood by the outside world. 

Protected by old and powerful elemental magics not to mention the capable warriors of their scattered temple monasteries the Utalans have retained a fierce independence in a hostile world. 

It helps that the uncharted and often bizarre inland secrets of these isles, hidden away from the pristine beaches by thick jungle, serves as one of the last unexplored frontiers and swallows the foolhardy and the desperate whole. 

Though the island’s flora and fauna are dangerous the varied local civilised races are friendly enough to locals; seeing most of them as more to danger to themselves than any threat. This is never more true than it is now, on the eve of the Seafire Festival. Hosted in the port town of Farkeep (the only town with a large foreign population) the streets are to be decked with colourful banners and food stalls. Centre stage however is the titular Rite of Seafire where a small pilgrimage to at least three of the six temple monasteries across the archipelago begins. 

The rite purportedly brings great fortune to the locals, and promises some vague catastrophe if left incomplete. 

The part of the Rite that draws the most attention though is a particular requirement it has of its pilgrims; at least one of them cannot be a native of the Utalan Archipelago. 

For your own reasons, you have volunteered to be a part of this Seafire Rite, with a permission to travel as you will across the isles. Your goal is clear, but journeys like this are never simple even when everything goes to plan…

Port Blacksand

System: Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Game Master Jo F

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Benjamin, James W, Liam M, Neil and Richard C

Recently picked up a copy of Advanced Fighting Fantasy and selfishly have a hankering to run something that will transport the whole table to the fantastic world found within the pages of the Warlock of Firetop Mountain, the Forest of Doom and Deathtrap Dungeon. 

So, if you fancy joining me, we’ll set sail to Port Blacksand – the infamous city of thieves and travel the trade road to the city of Salamonis discovering the nightmarish world behind Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone’s legendary game books. 

And in case you’re thinking AFF is a poor persons D&D, how very dare you! It’s not. It’s a beautifully streamlined system IMO with a lot of crunch, exciting gameplay and 40 years of pulp fantasy worldbuilding to explore. More to come.. 

Walking Dead and Swords and Sandals 

System Free League and 2D6

Game Master  Andrew W and Richard T 

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Carol, David H, Freddie M, Jerrie C and Rosie A

From December to January, Andrew W will be running Free League’s the Walking Dead roleplaying game.

From February to March Richard will be running Sword of Cepheus. 

The Village of Hommlet

System Old School Essentials

Game Master Graham

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Andy D, Chris J, Em, Kat and Mark C 

The Village of Hommlet often tops the best of lists for classic d&d modules. 

It is also the starting module for The Temple of Elemental Evil, but was released individually a few years before TTOEE in 1979, written by the master himself, Gary Gygax. 

The adventure is a classic approach with an ancient evil disrupting a sleepy village. Players use the Village of Hommlet as a hub to explore the surrounding areas and investigate the evil presence in a sandbox environment.

The Last Hurrah 

System D&D 5e

Game Master  Helen

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Daniel, Elise, Jess M, Marco, Shaun P and Simon H 

You are a retired adventurer. You have spent decades exploring the Forgotten Realms, making friends and enemies whilst achieving your goals. Now you have retired and are living an easy life with your family and friends in or near to the capital city. 

What is your happily ever after? Maybe your reputation has won you a position of power in the city? Maybe you have met the love of your life, moved to the countryside and are raising a hoard of kids? Maybe you and your best friend are running a cozy pub? Maybe you are a successful merchant welcoming your first grandchild, so securing your dynasty? Or maybe you are just enjoying every pleasure life can give you? 

But don't get too complacent... Just when you thought your biggest worry was your rapidly receding hairline or curbing your expensive vintage mead habit, you find out that not all happily ever afters are actually for ever. 

You wake up with a pounding headache in a dingy room with a group of strangers. You try and hold onto the details of your dream but it's impossible. Your family, gone, your home, your life, your friends, your skills, all gone. Where are you? Who are these people? Nothing is left but a lingering sense of loss, the ache of arthritis in your knees and the knowledge that it will soon be time to fight... you just wish you could remember how. 

Will the adventurers recover their memories? Will they figure out what the #*%! Is going on? Will they make it back to their happily ever afters? Will they root out evil and save the world? Well, maybe. But only after a nice of cup of tea and a custard creme.

It will be DnD 5e, Forgotten Realms. Players will create a character with a strong personality, race, class, history and family/friend connections. Players will start at level 1 with 27 point buy and some extra skills/feats. There will be fairly rapid levelling up as memories are recovered and as the retirees regain their strength.