December 2023 to March 2024 Rotation


System Traveller

Game Master Andy

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Travel the galaxy in a “previous used” spaceship, what could possibly go wrong. Do what you need to do to keep your ship flying and heading out into the “black” as you deliver mail, cargo and people, some of it legal. The Spinward Marches and the Trojan Reach awaits.

Powers - Blessing or a Curse?

System Era: Empowered

Game Master Mark C

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

The Empowered are coming into being, how, what or why is unknown, all that is known is Government are afraid. What they fear they make illegal.

The team battle with the abilities in a world that hates them, protecting the civilians from bigger wider frets, but are they thanked or loathed, time will tell.........

Era: The Empowered is a Tabletop RPG based in a world where superpowers are real. Across the world, individuals are emerging as heroes and villains.

You will play as one of these “Empowered” with remarkable abilities. Whether your ability is to harness the power of flame, read others’ minds or super strength, both sides will be interested in you…

Era: The Empowered offers an opportunity for balanced characters with all types of abilities, from super strength to resurrection! The innovative Power Tree mechanic, designed and integrated into the Era d10 rule set for this game, provides the opportunity to build whatever powers you want.

the empowered