The Committee of the Hobbits Hole Roleplaying Club



Responsible for:

  • Representing the club

  • Chairing meetings

  • Managing the performance of the committee

  • Making sure the club is run to the constitution

  • Signing off decisions made by the committee



Responsible for:

  • Responsible for the club’s finances

  • Monitoring the financial stability and viability of the club

  • Providing financial updates to members as necessary

  • Collecting payments from club members



Responsible for:

  • Organising meetings and distributing agendas

  • Taking and distributing minutes of meetings

  • Taking and distribution of papers

  • Key management (if applicable)

  • Communication with venue as required

Membership Officer


Responsible for:

  • First contact with potential new members

  • Liaise with GMs to provide games for new members to join

  • Managing membership process

  • Maintaining a list of all members to data protection requirements

Online Presence Officer

Mark C

Responsible for:

  • Managing the Club’s online footprint

  • Managing the Club’s Website and updating changes as requested by the Committee

  • Sharing any online membership questions with the Membership Officer

  • Managing game rotations ensuring that enough games are available and enough players are signed up to play them