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The games currently being played at Hobbits Hole Roleplaying Club

The Spoken Night

System D&D 5e

Game Master George

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Adi, Carol, Noah, Stig

In the world of Skotar, where magic flows freely and the gods rise and fall on the belief of their followers, the Hatean Kingdom is in its final years.

The king is a sickly, weak-willed child and the cowardly nobility squabble over dwindling wealth while rarely dispatching any forces beyond their walls. The commoners toil on, relying on the sheer scale of their territory and the untamed lands at their borders to keep old rivals and newly independent states at bay, for now.

As winter looms, the duke of Fablehall caves to pressure to call freelance adventurers into a group to investigate why the nearby hamlet of Eulham has failed to deliver its annual harvest tithe. So close to Fablehall and far from any borders, not to mention home to a respectable sorcerer, Eulham is thought to be one of the sleepiest of town in all Skotar. It is here, in the Hatean Kingdoms’ breadbasket, that a new threat begins to stir.

The dark cannot be unheard.

A 5E campaign starting at Level 3. Characters are standard point buy, but receive a free feat at character creation (and gp equal to the max roll for a level 1 character for equipment)

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus

System D&D 5e

Game Master Freddie

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Andrew, Jerrie, Marco

It starts in the city of Baldur's Gate "as it slowly succumbs to the sway of corrupt powers and evil gods". The adventurers will go on a search for redemption as they descend into Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells, which is ruled by the Archdevil Zariel. Players will also have the option of wading into the Blood War.

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus


System D&D 5e

Game Master Richard

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Mark, Atilla, Neil

The Innistrad moon is a massive portal to the Shadowfell plane. No one remembers what sinister entity constructed this link between planes, but the world of Innistrad was

set to be consumed utterly by the Shadowfell. The deity that saved Innistrad from being swallowed up by the Shadowfell has similarly been lost to history.

This god could not close the immense portal, but managed to block off and imprison the portal at the cost of the deity’s life. The god’s corpse engulfs the portal as a massive desert of silver. The barrier of silver stops the Shadowfell from consuming the world, but does not block its influence entirely. You can see an imprint of the longforgotten god on the moon to this day – it’s the heron on the moon’s surface.

This explains the seemingly paradoxical nature of Innistrad’s moon: the portal to the Shadowfell inside of the moon empowers evil creatures, while the outside surface of silver empowers good. A full moon is when the portal to the Shadowfell is largest and is consequently when werewolves are strongest, yet blessed silver from the moon is the most effective at defeating them.

The archangel Avacyn, the central figure of the Church of Avacyn and the main conduit of holy magic on the plane, hasn’t been seen over the last few seasons, and her absence shows.

Since Avacyn has disappeared, prayers have not spared remote villages from werewolf attacks as they once did. Holy symbols have not stopped vampires from preying on travelers in the high mountain passes.

The dead are not protected from tampering by ghoulcallers and flesh-animating alchemists called Skaberen. With the power of holy magic waning, humanity is being pushed into a corner by an encroaching darkness that threatens to consume them.


System Lancer TTRPG

Game Master Noah


TALISMAN, a sci-fi adventure set roughly 12000 years in the future.

It'll be using the Lancer TTRPG system via Roll20, a "Mud & Lasers" game with a good mix of narrative play and bombastic combat.

If you like the idea of piloting your own giant Mech suit, hacking into terminals with cybernetic implants, or stealing sought-after equipment from powerful MegaCorps, then this is the game for you.


Sometime in the millennium 2XXX, a catastrophic event dubbed “The Fall” decimated most of society, leaving us to struggle in the mess we created.

Those who survived managed to spread their wings and form a great interstellar Union of countless star systems.

The (give or take) 12,000 years it took to build this new utopia were fraught with violence, so it’s no surprise that remnants of these wars still remain today.

You are a newly licensed, fully-fledged pilot of your own personal mechanised chassis (or ‘Mech’ for short).

You could be a rusty engineer from the outer Cascades, a no-nonsense trader from the Karrakin Baronies, or even a simple baker from the deserts of Moonhammer.

Whoever you are, you’ve just been awarded your Lancer License – giving you access to state-of-the-art technology that some could only dream of.


Nylon or Kevlar

System Era: The Empowered

Game Master Mark C

Venue: Online - Friday night Discord and Roll20

Players: Rich, Stig, Andy, Noah - New Players welcome

Era: The Empowered is a Tabletop RPG based in a world where superpowers are real. Across the world, individuals are emerging as heroes and villains.

You will play as one of these “Empowered” with remarkable abilities. Whether your ability is to harness the power of flame, read others’ minds or super strength, both sides will be interested in you…

Era: The Empowered offers an opportunity for balanced characters with all types of abilities, from super strength to resurrection! The innovative Power Tree mechanic, designed and integrated into the Era d10 rule set for this game, provides the opportunity to build whatever powers you want.

Spandex or Leather saw the team forming their own alliance and trying to win over puplic support in the face of the Empowered being illegal. Nylon or Kevlar continues on with the theme, with the team expanding and going on new adventures as they become famous.

the empowered