Thriller/Horror games

List of the previous Thriller / Horror style games played at Hobbits Hole Roleplaying Club

Call of Cthulhu

Don't Rest Your Head

Game Master Mark H

Don’t Rest Your Head is a sleek, dangerous little game, where your players are all insomniac protagonists with superpowers, fighting — and using — exhaustion and madness to stay alive, and awake for just one more night, in a reality gone way wrong called the Mad City.

don't rest your head


Little Bronze Man

Game Master David

What or who is the Little Bronze Man?

Many seem to be seeking it, willing to kill for it, or pay highly for its return to Man.

But why?

For what purpose could such an innocently-named target be used for?

Time seems to be running out, but will the Little Bronze Man be a force for good or evil?

Can the adventurers find it before the others, or will it be found and used against them?


Little Fears

Game Master Mark H

In the game, players take on the personae of children, aged 6 to 12, who are being hunted by the minions of a place called Closetland. Closetland is ruled by the Demagogue and his Seven Kings.

The most well-known of the Kings is The Bogeyman, King of Greed. Other creatures include the Closet Monster, the Monster Under The Bed, Werewolves, Vampires, and much more.

little fears


The Terror in the Mists

Game Master Paul Crouch

Victoriana is a game of roleplay in a fantasy alternative Victorian era.

Victoriana was published by Heresy Games in 2003. A second edition was published by Cubicle 7 in 2009. A third edition was published in 2013, again by Cubicle 7. This edition was designed to compatible with the previous version of the game.