August to November 2024 Rotation

Two Minutes to Midnight

System D&D 5e

Game Master Ben

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

In the war-torn land of Aeloria, a brutal civil conflict has erupted, tearing apart society along the fault lines of magic and non-magic users. 

As the conflict intensifies, a group known as the "Harmony Keepers," reminiscent of the Red Cross, establishes refugee camps to aid those displaced by the chaos. Your party, initially drawn to help in these camps, soon discovers a deeper and more perilous truth behind the escalating war. 

As tensions reach a critical point, whispers of a magical cataclysm echo through the land. Ancient artifacts, capable of unimaginable destruction, have surfaced, and both sides of the conflict seek to harness their power. 

The refugee camps become a microcosm of the broader struggle, with magic and non-magic individuals forced to coexist in dire circumstances. 

Your party becomes the linchpin in this volatile situation, tasked not only with helping refugees but also with preventing the catastrophic use of these magical artifacts. Uncover the mysteries surrounding the artifacts' origins and the enigmatic figures pulling the strings behind the scenes. 

Navigate political intrigue, forge alliances, and make choices that will determine the fate of Aeloria. 

As the civil war escalates, the threat of total magical destruction looms ever larger. 

Will your party strive to broker peace between the warring factions, or will you take a stand against the misuse of magic, even if it means confronting both sides? 

The Fragments of Harmony await your influence, as the delicate balance between magic and non-magic teeters on the edge of annihilation. 

Welcome to the City of Aeloria

In the city of Geralton, chaos reigns. A savage civil war has torn through the once-thriving streets, leaving devastation and despair in its wake. 

As the flames of conflict consume the land, the people cry out for aid, seeking refuge from the storm of violence and destruction. 

The Refugee Crisis 

Amidst the turmoil, a beacon of hope emerges - a refugee camp far from the conflict on the banks of the river Siofra. Here, the displaced and the downtrodden gather, seeking shelter and solace from the horrors of war. 

Led by the compassionate Halfling, Pippa Lightfoot, this makeshift sanctuary provides a glimmer of light in the darkness, offering aid and assistance to those in need. 

A Sorceress's Reign of Terror 

But not all is as it seems. At the heart of the conflict lies the tyrannical rule of Lady Seraphina Shadowheart, a sorceress of immense power and ambition. 

With ruthless determination, she has seized control of Geraltn, proclaiming her vision of "Magic is Might" and ruthlessly enforcing her will upon the city. 

The Whisper of Dark Magic 

Whispers echo through the streets, tales of Shadowheart and her enigmatic advisors wielding horrifically powerful magical weapons, threatening to unleash untold destruction upon the land. 

As the shadows deepen and the hour grows late, the fate of country of Aeloria hangs in the balance, teetering on the brink of annihilation. 

The Call to Arms 

Now, more than ever, heroes are needed. Will you answer the call, brave adventurers, and stand against the darkness? 

Will you lend your strength to the refugees of Geralton, and strive to bring hope to a city on the edge of despair? 

The clock is ticking, and the time for action is now. 

The fate of Geralton hangs in the balance, and the hour is approaching midnight. Will you rise to the challenge, or will darkness prevail? 


System Old School Essentials

Game Master Graham

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Run as the original module for Ravenloft from 1983 using Old School Essentials with more emphasis on the AD&D rules. Play will start at level 5. 

The system is quick to pick up and you can make a character in a few minutes. 

Play is fast and brutal and of an OSR/Classic flavour. 

Power game as the module is very much of AD&D flavour, so if you have played with me before, I will give you a bit more customisation this time. 

4D6 drop the lowest, choose the stats. 

What more can I say? 

It’s Ravenloft in its original form, heavily inspired by Dracula. Curse of Strahd 5E is a rewrite of it. 

I plan to take the original module, remix it heavily and see where it takes us 

Call of Cthulhu

System Pulp Cthulhu 

Game Master Andy 

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

For those that are thinking of trying Call of Cthulhu but have either never heard of it or perhaps who normally play 5e and are unsure if it is a game for them. Call of Cthulhu is based on the works of 1930s author HP Lovecraft. 

It is an investigative horror(ish) game. 

I say horror(ish) as it’s 1930s horror so not actually that scary, it’s not slasher flick or body horror but more phycological / mystery. 

As such Call of Cthulhu is deductive / role play focused and has much less combat than say 5e. 

If fact combat is normally best avoided as getting shot in Call of Cthulhu can kill your character as you are everyday people not 5e superheroes. 

The game is set in 1930 New England. 

You will be playing university students from the prestigious Miskatonic University in Arkham on a field trip to idyllic rural Vermont undertaking geological field work and studying local legends and folklore. 

What could possibly go wrong… 

Aerosian Nights - "Fall to Darkness" 

System D&D 5e

Game Master Saif

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

A story-driven roleplay heavy adventure. 

Set in the continent of Aeros, in a world where the All-Father (the singular god) has been missing for a decade and a half, and the angelic demiurges have been the stewards of the domains of men and beasts. 

A continent with multiple cities each with their own culture governments and political agendas and climates. With a vast untamed wilderness that is more than it seems.

Introduction to Aeros

Welcome friends to the continent of Aeros. It is the 1490th Year of Stewardship – almost a millennium and a half since the All-Father vanquised the Great Insurgence in a battle that sundered the continent of Aeros into two and threatened to consume the realms. 

As the myth goes, the All-Father’s hand withdrew from the world and the stewardship of the Realms was left to his demiurges. In the intervening years, the broken continent has evolved into a diverse and picturesque land – hospitable to crops and abundant in resources, that have been lifeblood to numerous townships and villages scattered across the Aerosian heartland. 

This wealth gave birth to the twin crowns of civilisation - the coastal cities of Prosperia and Verium, that stand proudly on the Cerulean coast. Following an age of bloody rivalry, which depleted the treasure houses, and threatened to bring both cites to their knees, sense prevailed and peace returned to the coast once more. 

A long-standing but tenuous pact, under the auspices of the Prosperian Khannate and Verial Sovereign, continues to this day and trade and mutual cooperation have seen the cities restored to their former glory. 

To the North of the cerulean coast, lies the Peregrinum plains. A great expanse of grassland, dotted with forests and lakes. Here, the beasts of the land roam freely and prosper, and reclusive Harethros monk tribes seek to preserve the balance and harmony in the untamed lands - and to preserve their ancient ways, away from the prying eyes of the world, lost in the vastness of the continental heartland. 

Further north the great wall of the Rimespear peaks reaches for the sky. The treacherous and labyrinthine passages through these mountains are braved by none but the frost-goliath tribes that once made their home in ice and snow. 

In the frozen lands above lies the fortress city of Frosthaven. Here in this enclave fiercely protected by drarwen and goliath warrior alike, the Frosthaven flamesmiths skilfully work the slivermithril mined from nearby lands. 

Bordering the Westlands, the mountains of the adamantine palisade have stood their own against the ever-raging tempest of the viridian seas. In a ragged and steely land fraught with perils from above and below, the half-orc dragon-whisperers have carved out a home for themselves. Once mere pawns in the battles of men, they now, after a time of relative seclusion, seek to venture forth into the limelight, confident in their hard-earned affinity with the arcane energies. 

Off the eastern coast, the land gives way to the formidably vast Osmian Ocean. Here, beneath the tranquil waters of Beryl Bay lies Everart - City of Glass. Originally established by sea-elves, the sunken city has become a refuge to elvenfolk of all description – a sanctuary where they can live in relative seclusion to the world at large. 

As the peoples of Aeros thrive in this period of relative calm, and build their cities ever taller, their ambitions rise ever higher. 

Over time, seeds of conflict grow as new tensions arise and old ones are renewed – bringing with it the gift of opportunity for a few that seek to exploit it. 

Venca: Eve of Ruin

System D&D 5e

Game Master  Marco

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Save existence from annihilation in this epic, multiverse-spanning adventure! 

The notorious Arch lich Vecna is weaving a ritual to eliminate good, obliterate the gods, and subjugate all worlds. 

To stop Vecna before he remakes the universe, the heroes work with the best the worlds have to offer and travel to far-flung areas to collect the power needed to stop this God whose goal is nothing short of destruction of all we know. 

This High level Campaign begins at Level 10 and concludes at Level 20 using source materials from the Players Handbook and Xanathar's guide to everything. 

Good luck to anyone who joins this double rotation campaign (part 2 currently planned for April). You will need all the help you can!