List of the previous fantasy games played at Hobbits Hole Roleplaying Club

Dungeon Crawl Classics

Game Master Graham

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players:  Andy D, James W,, Jo F and Neil

Dungeon Crawl Classics is very much it’s own take on adventuring. Utilising a standard D20 system and borrowing from the early D&D ruleset, it forges its own path and rewards player creativity to overcome challenging odds. 

Character creation is done in a very unique way through the use of a ‘funnel’ dungeon. Each player receives 4 randomly generated villagers who find themselves caught up in local trouble. They are untrained, and range from street beggar to noble to gong farmer. Many will not survive their first adventure, but those who do will find themselves battle forged and acquiring new skills. 

The campaign will be free-flowing from one adventure to the next, although these are not set in stone, and will be chosen to suit the direction things are heading in or the adventuring party we find ourselves with. These range from otherworldly expeditions into the realms of law and chaos, hub town adventures with mysteries to solve, and deep deep dungeons where resource management and mapping will be key. 

There will be player death, but not unfairly so. The system challenges players rather than characters to come up with creative solutions, and gaining an advantage and the upper hand in battle is essential if victory is to be assured. If death does occur then a player will not be out of the action for long, there can always be a cell with a prisoner to be freed around every corner! 

So, Ye who be not afraid, raise up thine pitch fork, or bee keeping staff, or crutches. Your town has been terrorised for far too long… it is time for action! 



Game Master Liam

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Dan, David H, Jerrie and  Mark C

Troika! in Discworld meets Charles Stross's Laundry via Time Bandits 

It's certainly alot more Pratchett than the Gurps rule set of the official rpg setting 

Discworld comes from the genius of the English author Terry Pratchett, a flat planet balanced on the backs of four elephants which in turn stand on the back of a giant turtle.  Discworld frequently parody or take inspiration from classic works, usually fantasy or science fiction, as well as mythology, folklore and fairy tales, and often use them for satirical parallels with cultural, political and scientific issues.

Castles Crusades

The Lands of Dual

Game Master Tony

A Fantasy game set in Tony's own campaign world using the Castles & Crusades (SIEGE) System, which harks back to the original editions of D&D.  Fast combat without burdensome rules, it's an easy system to learn and a great introduction to roleplaying games.

Castles Crusades

Dungeon Worlds


Game Master Simon Hibbs

First, to see the characters do amazing things. To see them explore the unexplored, slay the undying, and go from the deepest bowels of the world to the highest peaks of the heavens. To see them caught up in momentous events and grand tragedies.

Second, to see them struggle together. To gather as a party despite their differences and stand united against their foes, or to argue over treasure, debate battle plans, and join in righteous celebration over a victory hard-won.

Third, because the world still has so many places to explore. There are unlooted tombs and dragon hoards dotting the countryside just waiting for quick-fingered and strong-armed adventurers to discover them. That unexplored world has plans of its own. Play to see what they are and how they’ll change the lives of our characters.

dungeon worlds