Potential Games for a Rotation

Guns, Ships, Gold and Mystery 

System: D&D 5e

Game Master Pete

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Merchant ships have been robbed, military vessels sunk and coastal towns pillaged - and you are the crew who is responsible for it all! 

You are a crew member of The Blood Red Roses, serving under the fearsome Pirate Jenny (a pirate with a terrifying reputation, and an even worse temper). After a recent successful raid on the peninsula of Suula, your captain has become distant, rarely seen on deck and overall reclusive. Is she ill? tired of pirate life? or maybe she’s plotting the biggest pirate score of all time… 

If it’s the latter, then the Navy, adventuring parties and even other pirates might try to stop you. Now is the true test! Hold fast! 'X' marks the spot! 

The great seas belong to us, and we will find whatever secrets they hold.’ - Pirate Jenny 

Heroic Pirate Adventure 

You will be playing a pirate. You’ll need to be comfortable straying into violence against innocent people (robbing merchants and killing navel guards and officers). You’ll be expected to fulfil a role on the ship (First Mate, Bosun, Quartermaster, Surgeon, Cook and perhaps in time, Captain(using the 2018 Unearthed Arcana content 'Of Ships and the Sea')). You’ll also be expected to take some orders from the Captain while you aid her in search for a mysterious lost treasure. The adventure will be using a Pirate Ship as a hub for travel and downtime, however you will be visiting caves, port towns and jungles during the story. 

Primer: Pirates of The Caribbean (movie), Treasure Island(book), Sid Meier's Pirates!, Sea of Thieves(video games). 

Themed Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6nOTCLfzxfrnUMTNghWufm?si=a8f1e7e6945e4acf 

Character Creation 

Running the game: 

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