The Bullroarer Took Trophy

The Hobbits Hole SE London Roleplaying Club Annual Trophy

The Hobbits Hole Trophy History

The Hobbit’s Hole is proud of its roleplaying history with many epic battles fought on tabletops across SE London. The club is equally proud of its community roots and is always keen to get the whole club together to socialise. The Hobbit’s Hole trophy is a great way to do this. Each year around October the previous winner puts on an evening of gaming to crown the new Hobbits Hole champion. Over the years, this has taken the form of escape room based challenges, board game showdowns and even a Wii tournament! It makes for a great break from the main tabletop games and is a chance for everyone at Hobbits Hole to do something together.

2020 Champion

Due to the Global Pandemic there was sadly no Hobbits Hole tournament for 2020. Therefore Hannah retained the trophy for another year and we hope that the club is open for gaming in time for 2021s tournament. We look forward to seeing what Hannah has in store!

To celebrate the reopening, a new trophy is being commissioned and will be unveiled on the night!

2019 Champion: Hannah

Growing Games

Hannah won a close-run battle for the trophy this year, The theme was based on a journey through life with a speed jigsaw competition (very tense!) followed by a carnival metal buzzer task testing the steady hands of nervous Hobbit Hole challengers! The teenage years were represented by some furious Mario Kart racing before adult life through to retirement took the form of the classic board game ‘Game of Life’. In this game, while others took degrees and worked hard, Hannah’s car load of children and pets plus some timely lottery wins propelled her to victory and the title of Hobbits Hole champion!

2018 Champion: Marco

British vs Pirates

It was a battle on the high seas this year with Marco coming out on top in this mass brawl of British vs Pirates. Starting out as two randomly selected teams of 8 v 8, there were some deadly exchanges. After a few brave Hobbits Hole candidates saw their hopes sunk (see what I did there!?) , as an evil twist a free for all was announced and a Battle Royale ensued! A few scurvy dogs formed allegiances to take out some of the opposition only to then be double crossed later on. Well, they were pirates after all! Gaming continued late into the evening as the numbers slowly dwindled until just 2 remained. After some devious tactics from both finalists, Marco finally dealt the final blow and raised the flag of victory!

2017 Champion: Mark C

Infect the world

An ingenious set of 4 games decided the Hobbits Hole champion this year. The gaming was themed around finding a formula for a bio weapon, transporting it in a submarine, building the weapon, and finally infecting the world. An escape game gave people the chance to steal the formula where some were eliminated for not being able to free themselves in time. Next they travelled beneath the waves to get the formula to a safe location. Submarine battles courtesy of Captain Sonar reduced the competitors by half. Creating the lethal weapon was done via the boardgame ’potion explosion’. Four more of the remaining players were eliminated here leaving the final 4 to infect the world through the gaming medium of Plague Inc. Two of the finalists soon ran away with it and were neck and neck to the finish with Mark C ultimately becoming the victorious super villain and Hobbits Hole glory was his!

2016 Champion: Paul

Pirates Cove

This year’s Hobbits Hole trophy took the form of an epic game of Pirates cove. Teams of four, each team with their own tactics were pitted against each other. Some upgraded their ships early on for combat advantage, but the winning team took a different route and chose to use the early points to buy victory points and co-ordinated attacks with their weaker ships. The tactics worked well with Emma, Jerrie, Addy and Paul reaching the final. It was a close-run match with Addy taking the early lead. Realising that victory would mean he'd have to host next year he threw himself off the plank! With Emma falling back this left Jerrie and Paul to go head to head. With Jerrie dressed in full pirate gear she took the lead, but one late last turn mistake left Paul just enough space to scrape the win by just 1 point. As a consolation Jerrie took the Hobbits Hole trophy home that year.

2015 Champion: Richard


A set of balanced Metanauts lined up for this year’s tabletop battle. The competition was made up of two games. After the small fry were eliminated in challenge one, those that remained were given the chance to upgrade their machines or even exchange their Metanaut altogether for even better models, with superior weapons and defences. This meant the next battle was even more intense with some crushing blows being delivered all over the gaming board. It was a close run battle but no one could stand up to the might of Richard’s firepower, as he took the day! This also gave Richard the rare accolade of being a two-time Hobbits Hole champion!

2014 Champion: David

Trio of games

David came out solidly on top in the Hobbits Hole standings this year becoming the first double winner of the trophy. Securing the win with 1st place in both Apo's Zombie Survival game and Richard's Necromunda and a 2nd place finish in Tony's 2.5D Dungeon Crawl. Bridesmaid prize went to Paul who yet again finished in the runner up spot.

2013 Champion: Apo

Starfleet battle game

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Apo won this epic tabletop spaceship battle in a convincing manner and became Hobbits Hole champion for 2013. However, this victory came about after Tony and Richard both surrendered their vessels to his in stunning displays of cowardice hitherto unseen at Hobbits Hole! As punishment for this, all three agreed to create next year’s event! An honourable mention goes to Paul who was a valiant runner up.

2012 Champion: Simon

Knight’s tournament

A stunning game was set up this year escorting the Hobbits Hole back to the Middle Ages. Events included designing your own Heraldry before moving onto more combat-based challenges. Competitors clashed in jousting tournaments as well as crossing swords to show their prowess in melee combat. There was even an archery tournament courtesy of a Wii console and projector! While there were some club members who excelled at certain elements, Simon showed himself to be the true master at arms and took home the Hobbits Hole trophy and the heart of the princess. (Princess not included!)

2011 Champion: Andy

Dungeon Crawl

Another homebrew campaign allowed Hobbits Hole members to take on this roleplaying challenge. Puzzles and battles ensued with some club characters destined to remain in the caverns for eternity. One however, emerged from the darkness, bloodied but victorious clutching the trophy. Congratulations Andy!

2010 Champion: Bel

Necromunda Gang War

The Hobbits Hole trophy was fought in the grubby post-apocalyptic streets of the Necromunda world this year. With a knockout competition format, two teams of three people battled it out against each other in a game of reverse capture the flag. The final culminated in a three-way free for all as Bel's gangers killed with precision and a last final berserker charge.

2009 Champion: Richard

Dungeon Crawl

A devilish dungeon crawl stood between challengers for the Hobbits Hole crown this year. Along with a great story and exciting battles, this campaign was also made to look amazing courtesy of some custom-made playing pieces which made the whole thing unique. Of course, there can be only one champion though and this year it was Richard that raised the Hobbits Hole trophy

2008 Champion: David

D&D Miniatures of death

SE London became the killing fields this year as gaming went less RPG and more bloodthirsty. An arena battle amongst all the Hobbits Hole members saw David win the day and the Hobbits Hole trophy

2007 Champion: Mark H

Boardgame eliminator

The Hobbits Hole trophy’s inaugural winner could not have won it in more dramatic circumstances! After a mammoth game marathon including Ticket to Ride, Citadel and Mission: Red planet with Sceptre of Zavandor to finish, the ocerall winner had to be decided by a Dice off! Roleplaying luck was on Mark H’s side that day as his numbers came up and became Hobbits Hole’s first champion!