We hope you are all well and that as the world slowly opens up, you are all getting a good taste of normality into your lives!!

The Hobbits Hole Committee had its first meeting last week (minutes attached below) and, along with a number of tasks that we have taken on, we are also calling on members to help with some areas to help the club grow:


A shortlist of potential venues has been created for you. A voting form has been created on Discord and voting will close 8pm on Friday 16th April. The shortlist and relevant details can be found here.

If you have any questions, you can put them on the discord channel any time this week. Some Committee members will also be online from 7pm on Friday to answer any questions directly.

A voting form will be available on Discord soon to allow all members to decide where they would like as our new home.


If you would like to add your reviews to the following pages it will help promote the club and increase our online presence. Click on the following links to add your kind words!!


The Treasurer has asked me to share our fundraising page!

Jerrie has created this to help support the opening of the Club and give us a few pennies to kick things off with. If you are in the position to help the club get back on its feet please add whatever you can and know the money will be going to a good place! You can also support us by sharing the link with friends or family.

If you have any fundraising ideas of your own or know of any community grants we could apply for then please get in touch with Jerrie.

Thanks to you all and look forward to chatting to you all on Friday!

Hobbits Hole

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