We hope you are all well and that as the world slowly opens up, you are all getting a good taste of normality into your lives!!

The Hobbits Hole Committee had its regular meeting (minutes to below from Secretary) and, along with a number of tasks that we have taken on, we are also calling on members to help with some areas to help the club grow:


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Current Games

As this rotation starts to end, the planning for the next rotation is in place.

Rotation: July to September

In Venue

There are three games being played in venue roleplaying:


We also want to continue with the online games, discussion is ongoing in our discord channel.


System Homegrown

Game Master Simon H

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Adi, Freddie, Noah, George, Dan C


System D&D 5e

Game Master Jerrie S

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Marco, Rich, Shorty, Bruce


System Era: Lyres

Game Master Mark C

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Dave H, Paul C, Stig

the empowered

Nylon or Kevlar

Game Master Mark C

Venue: Online Friday night

GMs Blog

Players: Rich, Stig, Andy, Noah

Drop in Players welcome

Hobbits Hole

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