October to December Rotation

Headstone Hill

System: Deadlands (Savage Worlds)

Game Master Jo F

Players: James W, Jerrie, Joshua G, Mark C Richard C

Deadlands (Savage Worlds) Imagine an alternative West where things are wilder, weirder, and whole lot more deadly. Basically, it’s Cthulhu meets Cowboy/girl. Things began to change during the civil war. Apparently at Gettysburg, the dead on the battlefield wouldn’t stay…well, dead. Now rumours whisper of mysterious beings called the Reckoners who create monsters and use magic to turn the west into Hell itself. It’s already started on the West Coast.

California has shattered into a labyrinth of flooded sea-canyons, and a mysterious super-fuel called “ghost rock” has been discovered. More valuable than Gold or Diamonds, this strange material has spawned as much war and strife as it has “steampunk” devices.

Players are steely-eyed gunfighters, card-slinging sorcerers called hucksters, mysterious shamans, brave warriors, mad scientists, and more who battle against evil and attempt to prevent the “Reckoning”.

The lost city of Raukirk

System: D&D 5e

Game Master George

Players: Ben, Daniel, Kat, Mohit Simon H, Will L

‘The city of Raukirk used to be the capital of the wild nation of Velnaya. As monsters and evils lurked in the wooded lands it remained a beacon of light. That was 300 years ago now.

Raukirk simply vanished from all the maps one day, the roads missing and all rangers and magic unable to locate it.

Fortunately with its disappearance the encroaching beasts and other plagues on the land also seemed to recede.

As the centuries rolled past Velnaya recovered from the loss and Raukirk became just another legend as people enjoyed the newfound peace.

Now though, as foul creatures begin to be seen again in the woods, a freak wildfire has revealed a path where people are adamant there was not one just a day before. It leads to Raukirk.

Early investigators report the walls overgrown, and the city silent with the fate of its inhabitants a mystery.

You are among the earliest adventurers to be making the journey towards Raukirk.

Whether you are looking for treasure, hidden knowledge and answers or simply adventure (and Raukirk likely holds all three of these in abundance) you will be one of the first to attempt to explore this lost city… and its dangers.’

A D&D 5th edition adventure with challenging combat. Starting at level 3 (Point Buy).

Dragon of Icepire Peak

System: D&D 5e

Game Master Jason

Players: Adi, Chris J, Helen H, Marco

Driven from lands farther north by more powerful dragons, a young white dragon named Cryovain has descended upon the Sword Mountains, claiming the snow-capped range as its domain. Typical of its kind, Cryovain is dim-witted and cruel. The dragon patrols the skies around Icespire Peak, surveying its territory while hunting for food and easy treasure. With each passing day, the dragon's domain grows as it ranges farther across the land, preying on anything it can catch with its claws or freeze to death with its icy breath. Sightings of the dragon are becoming more common, as are its attacks.

A crumbling fortress on the northeast spur of Icespire Peak serves as the dragon's lair. Cryovain seized the icy fortress from a tribe of savage orcs, killing the orc war chief and forcing the tribe's survivors to flee into the foothills and forests. Enraged by the death of their war chief, the orcs have called upon ancient allies—evil, shapechanging, half-orc spellcasters who bless and advise them. These half-orcs worship Talos, an evil god of storms, and many dwell in the dark depths of Neverwinter Wood. In stormy weather, they gather on remote hilltops to summon Gorthok the Thunder Boar, a primal entity that serves Talos. Like the god it serves, Gorthok delights in destruction.

The orcs aren't the only creatures thrown into upheaval by Cryovain's sudden arrival. A manticore driven from its mountaintop nest by the roaming white dragon has migrated to the foothills and begun terrorizing folk living on the outskirts of the mining town of Phandalin. Other monsters in the region have been similarly displaced.

The frontier town of Phandalin is built on the ruins of a much older settlement. Hundreds of years ago, the old Phandalin was a thriving human town whose people were firmly allied with neighboring dwarves and gnomes. Then an orc horde swept through the area and laid waste to the settlement, and Phandalin was abandoned for centuries.

In the last three or four years, settlers from the cities of Neverwinter and Waterdeep have begun the hard work of reclaiming the ruins of Phandalin. The new settlement is home now to farmers, woodcutters, fur traders, and prospectors drawn by stories of gold and platinum in the foothills of the Sword Mountains. The arrival of a white dragon threatens to destroy all that they've worked to rebuild.

Two headed Serpent

System Pulp Cthulhu D100

Game Master Andy

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Players: Andrew W, Carol, Freddie M, Graham W, Neil, Richard T

The Two-Headed Serpent is an action-packed, globe-spanning, and high-octane campaign set in the 1930s for Pulp Cthulhu. The heroes face the sinister conspiracies of an ancient race of monsters hell-bent on taking back a world that was once theirs.

Working for Caduceus, a medical aid organization, the heroes will loot a lost temple in the forests of Bolivia, go head-to-head with the Mafia in New York City, face a deadly epidemic in the jungles of North Borneo, uncover the workings of a strange cult in dust-bowl-era Oklahoma, infiltrate enemy territory inside an awakening volcano in Iceland, face the horrors of hideous medical experiments in the Congo, race to control an ancient and powerful artifact on the streets of Calcutta, and ultimately travel to a lost continent for a desperate battle to save humanity from enslavement or annihilation!

If you liked Hellboy’s take on occult horror meets pulp, then you’ll instantly love The Two-Headed Serpent.