August to November 2023 Rotation

Battle of the Bards

System: D&D 5e

Game Master Mark C

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

"Dude! My Alchemical Romance bailed on the battle of the bands, which means we're in! Or, we will be once we change our name... Apparently "DICKPUKE" isn't allowed or something..."

Congratulations, your band has been accepted to be a part of the 34th annual Sclipbert B. Bardangle School of Music Battle of the Bands! Your rival band will be there, and you must beat them as well as the other 14 indie bands to rise out on top. What is your band's name? Your rival's band name? What genre of music do you play? What is your stage name, as well as the stage names of your fellow bandmates? What will you do with the prize money (5k gp)?

Character Creation 

Unscripted Adventures

System: D&D 5e

Game Master James

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

Session plan

Campaign Tone

This is really a “default”, because you can and will overturn or modify it with the decisions you make in Sessions 1 and 2.  But, if pressed, here’s what I’d go with:

How I Roll

Making a Character

Please let me know if you aren’t mechanically confident enough to make your own character or would like some help.  I’ll help or ask a player who likes mechanics to help.

I suggest you write down 2 or 3 broad concepts in advance of Session 1.  Something like “a daring swordswoman with peerless duelling skills, desperate for fame”.  Try to include: 

Remember that Session 1 & 2 will help solidify them, so leave yourself some “imaginative wiggle room”.

That said, here are my mechanical guidelines:

Ovion Circus

System: D&D 5e

Game Master Dan C

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

5e D&D game for characters starting at level 5 

Softly carrying on from Ovion office.

It will be a Circus set up in the town of Corfin. Who have gifted the many delights to the town. 

This will be a flexible run game focused on the roleplay.

Aim is to run a game that empowers players.

Props will be used aiding Roleplay relating stuff from time to time.

d&d 5e


System: Coriolis

Game Master Andy D

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night


Coriolis is a Sci-fi game where you play part of a ship’s crew. 

What sort of ship depends on what sort of group you are. Are you Free Traders, Mercenaries, Explorers, Agents or Pilgrims. 

Which faction are you aligned with or against. Factions include the Consortium, a group of powerful corporations; the Zenithian Hegemony, who are the descendants of the captains family onboard the colony ship the Zenith; the Free League, the union of free traders; the mercenaries of the Legion or Ahlam’s Temple, with its courtesans and philosophers and others.

Your characters and your ship are built in the first session when you decide on your patron. Once that is done you work out who is your Nemesis and why. 

For your character profession you can choose things like Agent, Pilot, Soldier, Negotiator or even a fugitive. You can be Human or a Humanitem, a genetically altered human that is looked down on by some people, but perhaps able to breath underwater or work in sub zero temperatures in their shirt sleeves.

Professions are just a starting point for your character as you can then pick up any skills and talents you wish as the game goes on. These can include newly manifested mystical powers like ESP or telekinesis. With enough money your character can get cybernetic implants or bionic sculpts that allow for greater than normal abilities or even extra limbs and wings.

Coriolis uses the Year Zero Engine which mainly uses D6s where a 6 means a success and more sixes means a better success. If you are interested in the game you can pick up a starter set for free from the Free league web store or on DrivethruRPG

The Keep on the Borderlands

System: Old School Essentials 

Game Master Graham

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

The Keep on the Borderlands is one of the most popular adventure modules ever released, with millions of published copies! 

Written by Gary Gygax in 1979, KotB represents the quintessential introduction to Roleplaying and absolutely nailed it first time round. 

Players will spend the sessions exploring the Keep and its residents, venturing into the surrounding wilderness and delving into the nearby Caves of Chaos in search of treasure and notoriety. 

The Keep is humanity’s stronghold on the borders between law and chaos and will you be the adventurers to clear the way? I plan to run KotB with the modern day ruleset of D&D 1E which was often referred to as the Basic and Expert set. 

These have been rewritten as Old School Essentials and act as a fantastic way to experience early D&D and to see the system’s roots. It is a system that focuses more on adventure and dungeon delving with character story typically emergent from the gameplay. 

With plenty of opportunities for roleplay in the Keep and interacting with its citizens and fast paced dungeon action in the Caves of Chaos, it strikes a delicate balance that leaves many still in search of an adventure that tops it.