August to November 2023 Rotation

Battle of the Bards

System: D&D 5e

Game Master Mark C

Venue: Glanville Hall Wednesday night

"Dude! My Alchemical Romance bailed on the battle of the bands, which means we're in! Or, we will be once we change our name... Apparently "DICKPUKE" isn't allowed or something..."

Congratulations, your band has been accepted to be a part of the 34th annual Sclipbert B. Bardangle School of Music Battle of the Bands! Your rival band will be there, and you must beat them as well as the other 14 indie bands to rise out on top. What is your band's name? Your rival's band name? What genre of music do you play? What is your stage name, as well as the stage names of your fellow bandmates? What will you do with the prize money (5k gp)?

Character Creation